Taking Risks

I love quotes, especially those that have a healing, retrospective or look-on-the-bright-side quality to them.

Sometime last year I came up with 5o or so of what I like to call “Life Affirmations”. I printed them out and now have them hanging on the wall in my studio. They’re just little pick-me-up sayings to either perk me up, keep me going or just make me smile at the thought. Here’s a sampling.

laugh till it hurts

……frolic with your inner girl

…………QUIET the inner critic….

………………..skip to your own music


red shoes

I’ve been so busy recently and decided last week to take a small break from art quilting. I got out a 4 x 6 canvas, gesso-ed it, picked one saying and had fun painting. I punched 2 holes in the upper corners, strung some twine and now it’s hanging in my studio.

I’m thinking I might make a few more using the ones above and add them to my esty shop. We all need a small reminder every now and then to move beyond the ordinary and do something different, even daring.

For all those of you who sometimes live in fear with your artwork and choose not to take risks (me included)….this one’s for you.You’re bound to stand out when you wear these shoes and don’t you think it’s time you (and your art) took a risk?

So go on….wear them RED shoes girl!

(thanks to Mystele for getting me started with my canvas paintings… i just love her work).



See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


8 Responses to Taking Risks

  1. Patsy B says:

    Yeah, now your talking!
    You ain’t in Kansas anymore, click em ruby slipper heels three times, make a wish and it’ll come true!

  2. Nina-Marie says:

    As my daughter says, Momma, you NEED shoes in every color – not just black and white. She’s right – I think we need lots of things in every color. Great statement in such a small space Grace!

  3. grace says:

    Thanks for my laugh of the day…you crack me up girl!

  4. grace says:

    Now you know your daughter is right! Red shoes HAVE to be in the closet as well not to mention all the other colours!

  5. delanequilts says:

    Grace, you never fail to surprise me! Love the sayings – LOVE the painting!

  6. grace says:

    Ha….thanks DeLane.

  7. liz says:

    OMG!! I just bought a pair if RED heel shoes yesterday.

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