Try this. I forget where I saw it but loved it and knew I had to blog it. Copy into a new blog post and paste your answers to suit you. Have fun!


Yourself: Authentic

Your partner: Funny

Your hair: Short and RED!

Your Mother: Strong

Your Father: Missing 

Your Favorite Item: Digital Camera

Your dream last night: Weird

Your Favorite Drink: Water

Your Dream Car: one the gets me from A to B

Your Dream Home: 10 acre lot near a stream w/ a barn-like structure for my studio

The Room You Are In: Studio

Your fear: Mmmh…I’m thinking

Where you Want to be in Ten Years? master artist

Who you hung out with last night: computer

What You’re Not: Unreal

Muffins: Banana nut when interested

One of Your Wish List Items: Successful kids

The Last Thing You Did: Clean up Studio

What You Are Wearing: Flip flop flirty skirt

Your favorite weather: Warm with a light breeze

Your Favorite Book: Anything I’m reading right now

Last thing you ate: Hard salami  w/ Ritz crackers (ha!)

Your Life: Getting there

Your mood: Content

Your Best Friend: Me

What are you thinking about right now: Filling this form out

Your car: Red baby, red

What are you doing at the moment: Blogging

Your summer: College visits

Relationship status: Married

What is on your tv: Nothing…nice and quiet

What is the weather like: Warm but cloudy

When is the last time you laughed: Everyday


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