Catch of the Day!

One of the highlights of our family vacation to Nassau was the fishing trip my brother, Andy,  took the boys on this past Friday. He’s been fishing for eons but for my little man…he had never ever set eyes on a live fish (not counting the ones in our fish tank of course).

Here they are fooling around while waiting for the boat to be taken out of storage. That’s my 3 nephews on the left and in middle and hubby and little man on the right.

boys fishing

Okay so the “He Men” go off on the boat, 10 miles off the Bahamian shore,  to prove that they indeed can provide for their lady folk at home (get real…..we were off somewhere shopping!)

Anyway they come back home full of stories of all the fish caught and the absolute fun they had. I think the best part of the after trip was watching the swelled chests of the men looking lovelingly at their excited kids talk about the all fantastic fishing trip.

I was told that little man had caught fish but because we had to freeze them for the plane ride back home the next day I didn’t get to see what he caught. Well I have the unveiling right here….ta da!

Connor fish

His First Fish! Yippee!

He caught 5 of these little beauties (called porgies)! The absolute best thing of all though was sitting down to dinner last night, after emptying cases and getting house back in order, to eat the fish. Little man was just beamimg ear to ear.

Don’t you just love the little pleasures in life?


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


7 Responses to Catch of the Day!

  1. mystele says:

    that’s so awesome!

  2. yetunde says:

    girl, i remember when my granddaughter brought me her first fish home to me. it was so big we stuffed it with crabmeat and i can tell you, it was the best bake fish i had in a long time. and seeing the joy of her giving it to me, with all that fish juice dripping all on my floor was a pleasure. glad you had a great time.


  3. Karoda says:

    ah! how wonderful!! and a memory i bet he’ll hold dear for the rest of his life!

  4. Susan says:

    He is such a doll! Bet he was really proud of those fish.

  5. grace says:

    Yeh, he’s my Boo. I hope he does remember his first fishing experience with Daddy and Uncle Andy.

  6. Hubby says:

    This was cooly written and warmed my heart!!!!!!!…..and I was there!

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