New Fabrics

Back in May I was privileged to be asked to join a new art group, Fiber Art Options.

We are 7 fiber artists working together to promote and support each other. I had not had a chance to post and entry on our blog but now you can visit and read my first post.

I had a chance to play with soy wax again and created a few new fabrics for my stash. Like….big time!!

green soy

Remember in a previous  post about attending AQS in Knoxville a few weeks back…..well guess what….I bought not a stitch of fabric!

Yes, you heard me right. There was nothing out there I desparately needed because I am soooo much into creating my own pieces to use in my artwork. How cool is that piece above!!!!

In the post over at FAO I described the soy wax process I used to create the 3 pieces of fabric. Nice….even if I say so myself!


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


4 Responses to New Fabrics

  1. liz says:

    That green piece is beautiful!

  2. Little dancers in the grass… what a beautiful spark of green !

  3. grace says:

    Thanks Isa. I’ve since used some of that same green in a recent piece. Pics soon.

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