New Work…sort of

I’ve been struggling these past few weeks to really get my head around my art. I keep starting on different pieces but nothing much happens to inspire me to continue. Yes, I am definitely in a rut.

I have ideas and sketch but I when it comes to implementing it, I stall. I refuse to push it though cause I know I won’t like what I produce. So instead I wait….

Begin Journal5

Struggling with fiber art I am but I have been making more journals and have experimented with something new.

Most people use bookcloth for the spine but because I like the luxurious feel of it I use ultra suede (if I can find a matching colour).

Here’s my latest filled to the brim with 5 signatures of wrting paper.

Begin Journal tagThe cover is, as usual, quilted and I’ve sewn small beads on the spine.

The closure for this one is a button I found a few months ago.

I had to do a little bartering with my daughter to to be able to use the metal charm I sewed on the front cover. It says…

“we will never know unless we begin”

The words are apropos for my situation right now don’t ya think?chinese box3

I have also been experimenting with boxes. This is my first attempt. The top is covered in a beautiful chinese themed fabric and the edgechinese boxs and sides in a red bookcloth.

What I’ve found out is that making the inner compartments is a bit tricky but I really like how it turned out. An elastic that hops over a buton keeps it closed tight.

I will be adding the journal to my Etsy Shop this week. The box I wanna keep for a little while longer.


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


6 Responses to New Work…sort of

  1. mystele says:

    beautiful work, and the struggle is part of it- always! it’s hard, but hard is oftentimes the good stuff. đŸ™‚

  2. grace says:

    Thanks Mystele.

    Strange that I wrote this post late last night and I go into my studios today and the mojo flowed. What the hay! Take it as I can get it these days.

  3. I resist my projects, too — sometimes it’s hard to start, sometimes it’s hard to finish, but it’s generally because of a fear of failure. It won’t come out right . . . I’ll mess it up . . . I don’t know how to do that part . . . It all comes down to fear. It’s really hard to let go of the notion that everything I make must be perfect, but it’s really a paralyzing goal in many ways. So I dream and plan but don’t start, I start but I don’t finish, I finish and I give up. It’s a real struggle sometimes.

    Your book and box are lovely!

  4. grace says:

    Thanks Deborah,

    It is indeed hard to push past but we must in order to grow and move beyond where we now stand. I think in the end we do gather the courage to progress fearlessly, even if only little bits at a time.

  5. PaMdora says:

    I know what you mean Grace, about struggling! It’s so hard sometimes, we wonder why we do it — then one day it all seems to come together!

    Perfect quote for the cover of your book, I love it!

  6. grace says:

    Thanks Pam and you’re right, it’s that sweet period that has us coming back time and again to create despite the struggles we encounter.

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