Quilting Arts/CPS Studios Tour

studiosmagToday is the  Quilting Arts/Cloth, Paper, Scissors Virtual Studios Tour. PEOPLE…..I actually created a video and was able to upload it to Youtube as well. Woohoo!

I had loads of fun making my very first video but (oh my!) you should see the many, many flubs I made along the way.  Now, I will let you know that in some places the colour is a bit off and in others I just didn’t have enough lighting but other than that…welcome to my studio.

So…on with the show!!

**To see more virtual studio tours pop on over here…


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


32 Responses to Quilting Arts/CPS Studios Tour

  1. Pam says:

    Well done with the video Grace. I didn’t have enough confidence with my camera to try that yet, so have put up only snaps of my studio. I so love what you’ve done with yours in just the space of a bedroom. Some great ideas there! :o)

  2. jmquilts says:

    Oh Grace I LOVED your tour!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And the video change thing to the next section. You rock!!

    Love your sections/areas for different types of work. I think I need to look up how to incorporate a sliding drawer/table surface next to my machine. What a super idea and I’d love that for paper piecing trimming as I go. 🙂

    Must hang a clothesline as well. 🙂 (Well, I need to dust but…)

  3. Judy says:

    Look great! Love how you’ve done the workstations in the studio!

  4. Oooh, you did a great job on your first video, Grace! You should be on TV! Love your space.

  5. grace says:

    Thanks Joyce, I made each member of my family sit and watch the vid and they all laughed their heads off at the ends. I got to play and loved it. Uh oh Pokey, watch out now! (yeh right).

  6. grace says:

    Thanks Susan, it was so much fun to film and create. One of these days I might actually have the nerve to post all the flub outtakes, maybe. They are hilarious.

    You know the mistakes your mouth can make when you talking to a simple inanimate object like a camera after doing you Quilting Arts DVD recently.

  7. grace says:

    Thanks Judy. Loads of fun it was.

  8. #1 biz babe says:

    i so loved the tour of your creative space…please come see mine when you have a chance…i am having a giveaway…i would feel very at home here…hugs, rebecca

  9. Judi says:

    Hey, Judy (I’m Judi too) — I’m impressed with the video! My sons keep suggesting I give it a try — so you have inspired me to borrow their cam and work on one. Enjoyed visiting your studio!

  10. It’s a wonderful space. I love how you were able to create the surfaces you need, and the pull-out mini cutting surface is genius. But best of all I think I like the inspiration wall. I really need something like that in my space. Thanks for sharing.

  11. grace says:

    Thanks Lori and Judy…This is my 6th studio in all the house moves we’ve made in the last 15 yrs so I knew what I really wanted. The table I made cause no one out there made one that I liked and I knew I wanted to incorporate the pull out cutting table.Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Grace – you did a fantastic job on the Video! I love your work and want to thank you for sharing your studio.

  13. Great tour! I really enjoyed it.

  14. grace says:

    Thanks Terry and Amy.

  15. Di says:

    What a fun way to share your studio with us! I really like how you’ve established individual work stations for each aspect of your art. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Kim D. says:

    Lovely Studio, enjoyed your tour..

  17. Helen Conway says:

    Like they all say great video – really well presented. Come over and visit with me if you like http://www.downthewell.blogspot.com

  18. What FUN Grace! You did a splendiferous job in your directorial and starring debut! I may have to get up the gumption to try that too…… in all my (hah!) free time! Cheers, Sarah

  19. Wendy says:

    You rocked your film debut! Nice studio – I love all your tables. Good job!

  20. Great tour! A lot of creativity in one space! I love your work. Marcy

  21. DeLane says:

    Nice job, Grace!!! You’ll be the next one doing a Quilting Arts TV spot! I thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

  22. Grace says:

    Hi Grace, you have a lovely name..(my name also..!!). Just love your video. And your work is wonderful.

  23. grace says:

    Thanks Sarah. I love words and splendiferous is such a cool one.

  24. Magpie Sue says:

    Good job with the video!

  25. flora says:

    I enjoyed that so much! What a good idea to have different stations set up instead of putting everything away and dragging everything out again!

  26. grace says:

    Thanks Flora and Sue, I might have to do another and another and…… oh noooooooo! I think I’m hooked!

  27. Anke says:

    Hi Grace I enjoyed your Studio Tour! Great set up…, enjoy spending time in there! Smiles, Anke 😉

  28. Karoda says:

    how fun to see into your creative space and on top of it to hear your lovely voice!

  29. grace says:

    So cool to know that people from all over (in your case Germany) can invite each other into their studios with the click of a mouse. Thanks for visiting Anke!

  30. grace says:

    Hey Karoda, yeh…read somewhere that we need to release our art so what better way than to let people see AND hear me. Hope your studio is up and running soon.

  31. LL Abbott says:

    Sorry for being so late, I’m on LTD and simply could not get through the whole tour in one weekend.

    I’m so glad I saw your video! [I was not so brave. (~:] I am giving serious consideration to getting my sewing table on stable risers. And, I really like your hide-away cutting board drawer.

    Thank you for sharing your creative space. Blessings

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