Lake Norman Guild Show

This past Saturday wrapped up our guild show. What a hoot we had! We are a small group (about 55 members) and did we put on a show!  And to boot…I won a few awards.

Here’s the wrap up….

LKN Gld group pic

This was our regular group picture taken just after the show closed and before we do Take Down. Michele Sheets (reclining in front) was our Show Chair so we gave her a special space in the pic. These are some of the best bunch of ladies and am so happy to be in this guild with them. We have way too much fun together.


My group, Pandoras, won 1st place in the Group category, and below as we accept our ribbon. From L – R: DeLane Rosenau, me and Susan Brubaker Kanpp (missing is Lushorn Millsaps).


I won Best Innovative Quilt for Red Moon (below). What a nice surprise!


Here I am accepting my ribbon for it. Liz always cracks me up with her hilarious stories but, for the life of me, I can’t remember what she said here that had us giggling so much. Considering that this happened only 2 days ago, one would think I was having an early senior moment.


“At Odds” won a 3rd place award in the Art Quilt category. Yay!

At Odds

A couple of pics of the quilts hanging….



Donna Loebs looking at the “Roots”Challenge pieces,


DeLane and her  “Birds of a Feather” jacket that won an Honorble Mention in the Wearable category,


Here’s our ribbon table. The smaller ribbons below the large ones are yo-yos that Jean Newman made as a new thing this year. Each winner got one that corresponded with the ribbon they won. We pinned them on our name tages so that show attendees could easily see who the ribbon winners were.


My husband brought my youngest son to see the show. He walked around really looking at all the quilts and came back and literally pulled me from my duty at the admin table to show me his favorite quilts.

This next quilt by Jeane Knick won Viewers Choice Award and a 2nd place prize for large bed quilt. This was one of the ones he pulled me to. He was so very animated as he told me how he loved how the colours moved in this Bargello pattern. It was really a beautiful quilt.

Jeane Knick

Sandy Palmer’s quilt “Shake Your Tail Feathers” was picked as Judge’s Choice by judge Scott Murkin. He absolutley loved it because he thought it was “ridiculously cute”.


“Till He’s Cute” by Joyce Mullis won a 2nd place ribbon in the Art Quilt Category. We all had a good laugh when we saw this one with the martini glass.


Towards the end of the show I realized I hadn’t gotten many pics of our guild members working the show so at one point I turned to see Liz (on right) and Jean checking out some quilts.

I couldn’t get a clear picture to I snuck around to the back of the quilt they were looking at and poked the camera thru. I surprised them and they both burst out laughing but, I got the perfect picture.


One of the new things we tried this year was a thing called “Playpen Frenzy”. We loaded a playpen (quite a few times too) with lots and lots of fabric (books, magazines and ribbons too).

Quilt show attendees got to fill a gallon size bag for $3…BUT…. it had to zip completely closed to count. This was a giant hit! Guild members got to recycle some of their stash and some lucky quilters got some “new” fabrics.

Playpen Frenzy

The Flight of Fantasy Doll Club set up a table at the show. I wish I had taken more pics of them but I just had to get the Witche’s trio. Look at how innocent they look.


…and what about this little elf popping out of the tree stump…he was way tooooo cute. (I apologize for not recording the names of the makers though).


and because the last day of our show fell on Halloween we had people walking around in costume (check our our one Charlotte Sloop as Reggedy Ann in the group pic at the top of the post). My son decided to dress as a “cool” vampire. Here is in full make up and in character…


Cool huh!


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

9 Responses to Lake Norman Guild Show

  1. Congratulations to all for this wonderful show ! And more congratulations for you for the Best Innovative Quilt ! I simply love your Red Moon. fabulous !

  2. jmquilts says:

    What a fantastic show!! I’m glad you posted pictures of your winnings, too! Congratulations. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Very fun your hubby & son came to see the show. I tried to get mine to come to our show but it didn’t work. :\ I bet he got lots of attention with such a fabulous costume. 😉

  3. Joyce says:

    So glad you remembered to take the lens cap off each time – great pics and coverage! Thank you!

  4. grace says:

    When Connor was younger he got dragged to show after show in the stroller so he’s used to walking them by now plus he loves to see my work hanging….other than the house that is.

  5. grace says:

    Yeh, taking off lens caps works much better in the end doesn’t it? lol…and you are much welcome, your quilts are great!

  6. Nancy G Cook says:

    Grace, it was a great show. Much fun to see all the quilts hanging. Lots of originality. The traditional quilters had their own “voice” as well as the art quilters. Really nice to see.

  7. Nancy, glad you got a chance to check it out yourself. We have a great bunch of talent in this small group of women.

  8. Renee says:

    Love your Moom Quilt. Congratulations on the ribbon… woohoo!! I see some pretty famous names in your guild…lucky you to have such inspiration!

  9. Thanks for the comments Renee, I am quite taken with my moon quilt as well since it was one of my “off the cuff” pieces. Idea for it mulling about for months but done in 1 day and a half. Whew!

    As for our guild, we are so very proud of the work our small guild is able to produce. And yes, we are noticing some fantastic talent in this wonderful pool of talented women that is propelling members to national status and, we could not be more proud of them.

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