Fabric Folly

Yesterday I had a chance to spend some time with some friends and frolic with fabric.

Nancy CookNancy Cook decided that she needed to purge some the the fabrics she no longer uses so she invited a few of us over to help her get her stash in order.

Six of us sorted and sized and labeled …and talked and laughed and perused her fabric for most of the morning.

It was fun fondling someone else’s fabric because it was all new to us.

Elizabeth Miller

Well most of us.I was sitting at the table with Elizabeth (a wonderfully fantastic and funny friend) and I had to laugh because every 5th fabric she recognized as a fabric that she owned as well.

One of the bonuses in helping Nancy was that we got to choose a “bundle” of fabric for ourselves for helping her out.

Everyone took home their bundle and some even purchased a little more  than that (see part of Elizabeth’s stash at left..hee hee).

At midday Nancy’s husband, Don, treated us to a scrumptious lunch that included something I”d never had before, bird’s nest vegetables, sorry I forgot to take a pic of the meal but OMG how good were they! And I know where I can find them too…..Trader Joes.

Anyway, all this is to redirect some of that fabric into someone else’s stash. Soon she will announcing her fabric sale. I think she will do the grab bag….fill a gallon bag with fabric for a nominal price. Look for her announcement on her blog soon.


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

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