Time With Quilting Friends

Last night one of the guilds I belong to,  Lake Norman Quilt Guild (a small guild of approx 55 members ) had our annual Christmas Potluck Dinner. It was a welcome and needed break from all the hustle and bustle of the season and all the artwork deadlines looming over my head.

This year we decided that, in order to commit to our group’s recycling efforts, each person would bring their own place setting (made clean-up a snap as well).

Each table was also beautifully decorated by a handful of members who were actually taking part in a table decorating contest (sorry, so caught up in festivities that forgot to take pics of each table).

We had gobs and gobs of fantastic food (someone even brought a delicious spiral sliced ham) and didn’t do too bad in the sweet department either. Just look at that table filled to the brim with our repast. And yes…..I went for 2nds (didn’t eat lunch so I could feast without guilt).

We were serenaded again this year by a local a cappella group who sang us into dinner. They sang wonderfully and even had some wonderfully fun moments as they dipped and swayed to their own music.

The last part of our evening was the “Dirty Santa” Christmas ornament exchange, you know the one where you pick a wrapped gift and each subsequent person either steals your gift or opens a new one.

It was so hilarious as people walked around trying to eye what others had (some even trying to hide the ones they wanted to keep). A couple of the ornaments got stolen so much that they were put out of action on the 3rd steal leaving some real sad faces.

I came home exhausted but with a smile on my face, aahhh…. I love hanging out with these bunch of women. Now back to the paperwork and artwork I need to finish.


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

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