Still Here

I have been a bit absent of late….blogging in a rather hit & miss manner (no kidding, you say!).

Although I have been working on my fiber art and journal projects

(above – new canvas journal I’ve been working on & below – cropped photo of orchid quilt for group exhibition…see, told you so!),

and taking pics of in progress work,

and pics of cool and interesting things,

and thinking and sometimes starting blog posts (new post from my Inner-views with another fiber artist in next few days)

but….for some obscure to me reason…..never actually sending these thoughts of mine out into the blogosphere.

My thinking right now as to why that is?  To some extent, it’s that my art is evolving/changing enough in what I’m producing, probably more than I can keep up with or formalize a goal for, so catching you up in blog posts is almost near impossible. New year…new habits (maybe, sorta kinda…mmmh).

Also been thinking A LOT about my Word For The Year (a la Christine Kane). I’ve gone thru at least 7 different words that I thought might be good to implement as I go forward but none have captured the complete essence of where I am in my life and in my art at the moment.

I also didn’t think any of the words I came up with would propel me to excel or push me forward any……that is until a few days ago  while reading a blog I ran across…

…you know, you click on a link on someone’s blog list and when you get to that blog, as you read you click on another link in their blog list then another and another and before you know it you are at a site you’ve never read before but it resonates with you then you have another blog to add to your RSS feed…(deep breathe here..ahhh) — but I digress, big time!

So, with ALL that said, I’m still here, plogging along, doing my thing. **Just a heads up…this post became way toooo long (a lot to say after that absence huh) so I’ve divided it up into 2 individual posts. See next post for my word of the year**

(Note: please take the time to read Christine’s post about your 2010 word, she explains it so succinctly and has a tool that you can use to help YOU choose your word).


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


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