The Year to Come

D I L I G E N C E.

My word for 2010.

...constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken

…persistent exertion of body or mind

…steady and careful application

…proper attention or care

But first a recap.

I chose 2 words for 2009…Intention and Self-discipline. I found that by the end of 2008 I needed to seek out new goals, to define my INTENTION for the year to come and, by adding SELF-DISCIPLINE, I was able to keep myself on track. It was a year of thinking, redefining, repurposing, even if I came to the conclusion that I was to let go of art (yes, I even went there) or just do it for my pleasure – not to sell or exhibit.

I gave myself the whole year to clearly define what I wanted to do for me and how that would manifest itself through my art, while still creating art as well. This year was about clarifying my wants and needs and purging all the shoulda-coulda’s that I seem to always let come to the forefront and sometimes take over and block my creativity.

I realized that I not only did I see what others did to be successful but thought I had to do it that way myself, all this without taking the time to put ME in the equation.

Now that I have established intentions for myself in terms of life and art, I can now act more DILIGENTLY toward implementing them…2009 was definitely a year of finding ME in ART again.

In 2010 I will, with DILIGENCE…

* make the art I CHOOSE to make
* explore opportunities to share my work
* pursue the red barn wish (mmmh you say?)
* be content in the moment personally, creatively and spiritually
I wish for you, in the year to come, all that you desire YOUR year to be.
Blessings to you and yours.

Bummer! I scheduled this to post on New Year’s Day but some glitch in WordPress prevented that. Thankfully I was able to find it and repost today. Whew!!!


2 Responses to The Year to Come

  1. Diligence is a GREAT word.

  2. […] My quest this year is to push my work out there a bit more and find more places to have my work juried and exhibited. I am so pleased that I’ve started off on the right foot, 2 straight months where my work is hanging. […]

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