Mint Hill Fiber Arts Exhibition


Forgot to let you know about the other pieces I had hanging at Mint Hill Arts Annual Fiber Arts show last month. I chose 3 pieces, “Red Moon”, “At Odds” and “Stacked” to hang in their gallery.

I found out last week that each piece was also selected to be exhibited at the Gallery’s off site exhibition at Mint Hill Town Hall, the Chamber of Commerce and the local BB&T Bank after the MHA Fiber Arts show was finished. They were chosen to hang at BB&T.

Funnily enough, in my former life, I was an employee of that same bank in uptown Charlotte, oh so long ago. Full circle moment here.

Defining Work

My quest this year is to push my work out there a bit more and find more places to have my work juried and exhibited. I am so pleased that I’ve started off on the right foot, 2 straight months where my work is hanging.

Back in December I got a tip from Robbie Joy Eklow (on the Quiltart list I subscribe to) about submitting our work.

She suggested that we set our calenders up at least 6 mths in advance, noting all the exhibitions we want to enter, the entry deadline, acceptance and ship dates and remembering to update our websites and art records to reflect this.

This way we are not caught short trying to fill out paperwork, finish artwork or play catch up when the show/exhibition rolls around.

Just trying to keep my Word for the Year, D I L I G E N C E in the forefront.


5 Responses to Mint Hill Fiber Arts Exhibition

  1. Wonderful pieces of art, all of them. I have a slight preference for the Red Moon. What kind of materials did you use ? I like your use of colours very much too. Good luck and bravo for your exhibitions 🙂

  2. Thanks Isa, 2 of them use my hand dyed fabs and the other, your fav used a selection of commercial batiks. Other than the quilting stitch, I’ve done a little beading and painting.

  3. Nancy G Cook says:

    Grace, these are great pieces.You are well on your way. Thanks for passing along the suggestion. I should do that. Nancy

  4. Karoda says:

    Hey Grace! Congratulations! and these are fantastic pieces! I hope you sell all 3!

  5. Jana says:


    I saw your message about using one of my barn photos with your fiber arts. That is cool, yes please use the photo! Can you send me a photo of your finished product?

    Thanks so much, Jana

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