Orchid #3

January 30, 2010

Finally finished quilting all four pieces for our Orchid Exhibition coming up next week. Since I’ll be snowed in today (crazy snow this way in NC) I’ll get to devote a lot of time to adding facings and preparing each of them for hanging.

So in that vein, here’s another sneak peek at Orchid #3. Can you correctly guess what this orchid piece is about?






January 6, 2010

Here’s a short blurb from Christine Kane newsletter:

“Clarity trumps practicality. When someone is clear, and they take action from that place of clarity – then practicality has no choice but to move aside and let manifestation occur.”

Love it!


My first foray into watercolour. The pic above shows a small piece (2.5 x 3) painted on 140 lb watercolour paper. I made it to grace the front wrap-around cover of a new journal I designed.

A while back I bought myself a Winsor & Newton halfpan 12-set compact on sale thinking it was enough to start with but not enough expenditure if I found I didn’t like it.

Uh oh……I LIKE IT!

Took the watercolour paints out a few weeks ago looking for something different for my journals and this is what I came up with. Yummy!

Still experimenting with other paintings. I just love the mixed media aspect of these journals. It’s held in place on a piece of my hand dyed fabric with metal brads and staggered stitching.


Wordpress Gone Wild!

January 5, 2010

Don’t know what happened but for some reason I am all over this WordPress “Art Store post today but I’ll take it (see, tags do work).

Check it out and scroll down for me, me, me and more me. Weird!


Above pic is a fused piece I did of a bite of an apple, refreshingly called “Apple Bite” (ehh…what can I say, that’s what came to mind and the title stuck – so sue me!).

Anyhoo, originally made to enter the Quitling Arts Calendar contest last year this time but never got around to quilting it. Cool looking dontcha think? It’s still sitting at the bottom of the design wall…..just begging me to finish it.


A Teal Etsy Treasury

January 3, 2010

How way cool!

Begin the Journey“, a fabric journal in my Etsy shopwas included in Karen of Mystic Wynd’s cool TEAL treasury. Check it out here.

Now that’s a nice looking bunch of handmade items huh? TEALicious indeed!  **Thanks Karen**

Love these words...don't you?


Still Here

December 30, 2009

I have been a bit absent of late….blogging in a rather hit & miss manner (no kidding, you say!).

Although I have been working on my fiber art and journal projects

(above – new canvas journal I’ve been working on & below – cropped photo of orchid quilt for group exhibition…see, told you so!),

and taking pics of in progress work,

and pics of cool and interesting things,

and thinking and sometimes starting blog posts (new post from my Inner-views with another fiber artist in next few days)

but….for some obscure to me reason…..never actually sending these thoughts of mine out into the blogosphere.

My thinking right now as to why that is?  To some extent, it’s that my art is evolving/changing enough in what I’m producing, probably more than I can keep up with or formalize a goal for, so catching you up in blog posts is almost near impossible. New year…new habits (maybe, sorta kinda…mmmh).

Also been thinking A LOT about my Word For The Year (a la Christine Kane). I’ve gone thru at least 7 different words that I thought might be good to implement as I go forward but none have captured the complete essence of where I am in my life and in my art at the moment.

I also didn’t think any of the words I came up with would propel me to excel or push me forward any……that is until a few days ago  while reading a blog I ran across…

…you know, you click on a link on someone’s blog list and when you get to that blog, as you read you click on another link in their blog list then another and another and before you know it you are at a site you’ve never read before but it resonates with you then you have another blog to add to your RSS feed…(deep breathe here..ahhh) — but I digress, big time!

So, with ALL that said, I’m still here, plogging along, doing my thing. **Just a heads up…this post became way toooo long (a lot to say after that absence huh) so I’ve divided it up into 2 individual posts. See next post for my word of the year**

(Note: please take the time to read Christine’s post about your 2010 word, she explains it so succinctly and has a tool that you can use to help YOU choose your word).


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

A Small Tease

December 8, 2009

Tomorrow I will start a series of posts about the Inner-views I conducted for my zine The Inner Eye. Although I would love for you to get your own copy of the first issue of my zine, I also would like to make available to everyone the words and inner souls of these artists. The tile of this series is…

Through Their Own Words

Look for more inner-views to come and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow.

In Other News

I am hooked!  I had such fun creating my first zine that  I’ve already chosen the theme for my next zine…Issue No 2 of  “The Inner Eye” should be available in the early part of the new year so…

**drum roll please**

Oops….stay tuned for that tidbit coming soon! (some things a girl has got to keep to herself).


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Fabric Folly

December 8, 2009

Yesterday I had a chance to spend some time with some friends and frolic with fabric.

Nancy CookNancy Cook decided that she needed to purge some the the fabrics she no longer uses so she invited a few of us over to help her get her stash in order.

Six of us sorted and sized and labeled …and talked and laughed and perused her fabric for most of the morning.

It was fun fondling someone else’s fabric because it was all new to us.

Elizabeth Miller

Well most of us.I was sitting at the table with Elizabeth (a wonderfully fantastic and funny friend) and I had to laugh because every 5th fabric she recognized as a fabric that she owned as well.

One of the bonuses in helping Nancy was that we got to choose a “bundle” of fabric for ourselves for helping her out.

Everyone took home their bundle and some even purchased a little more  than that (see part of Elizabeth’s stash at left..hee hee).

At midday Nancy’s husband, Don, treated us to a scrumptious lunch that included something I”d never had before, bird’s nest vegetables, sorry I forgot to take a pic of the meal but OMG how good were they! And I know where I can find them too…..Trader Joes.

Anyway, all this is to redirect some of that fabric into someone else’s stash. Soon she will announcing her fabric sale. I think she will do the grab bag….fill a gallon bag with fabric for a nominal price. Look for her announcement on her blog soon.


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,