New & Improved

February 19, 2010
photo courtesy of Jana

For the past few weeks I’ve been revamping, refurbishing and doing a little polishing up of the ole image.

The Beginning

I started this blog way back when, after I had chosen the name for my company, REDBARN STUDIOS.

I’ve been in love with red barns (not blue or brown but RED!) for as long as I can remember. They absolutely fascinate me. In trying to come up with a name for my company I tried all sort of different names, including that ever famous exclamation of mine…Flippity Dippity Designs (remember that one Susan?).

So the hunt was on to find something that tied well into what I know of my past and what I wanted for my future……..and REDBARN STUDIOS was born.

(In my best Britsh voice: Can you discern that I have intense feelings of deep affection for the colour RED!)


Now back to this blog. I wanted to name it something in keeping with REDBARN of course. And in those humble beginnings is how Barnyard Chatter got started and also why I always signed off with…….See ya next time “In the Hayloft”.

I wanted my blog to be a place of art foremost, but also a place for friends, new and old, to come sit, chat, laugh and romp in the hay while we have fun creating and learning. That idea about why I blog hasn’t changed. It’s really me who’s evolving.

(you still with me? …thanks)

The Revamp

Over the last couple of years my work has evolved as well and I’ve had a few rethinks about what I want to pursue……always asking “what did Grace want to achieve?” If I could do “IT” (whatever it was) any which way, what would I do? How can I best let my art, my creativity manifest itself through me?

*Remember this quote form an earlier post “Clarity trumps practicality. When someone is clear, and they take action from that place of clarity then practicality has no choice but to move aside and let manifestation occur”…… Christine Kane*

I’ve picked up a few things, run screaming past some and, others still, I’ve just left by the wayside knowing that that was not the course I wanted to pursue.

What I know for sure (yeh I know, I sound like Miss Oprah) is that I want to create art….period! All that extraneous stuff…..I’ve found over time that I really was not that committed to and if one is not committed to something wholeheartely then it’s not really worth doing.

With all that said, this will be my last post from this blog, Barnyard Chatter. All right folks, stop the fluttering…..I’m not going anywhere. She’s been a good place to rest my non-stop thinking and pondering and working through. But her time has come.

Da   da   da-da   da   da-da   da-da   da-da      (overkill much…..nah I like it! the girl’s still gotta have fun)

New and Improved

Remember that revamping, refurbishing and polishing that I spoke about earlier? I’ve decided to move forward using that wonderful company name I took all those months to come up with, and actually try to brand myself.


(and the crowd goes wild…YIPPEE!  HOORAH!  YOU GO GIRL!)

So my NEW blog is named…..(yeh you guessed it) REDBARN STUDIOS.

Y’all know that I love, love, love colour, the saturated the better, and what better way to showcase all that colourful artwork of mine than a deep rich background. All I’m saying is don’t be stunned when you get there, okay?

And just so you know, the water is in deference to my homeland, the Bahamas…we’re surrounded by it’s shimmering beauty.

…check out the new ME here:

Now I must tell you and I’m not ashamed to admit it….I want friends! I want followers! I want you to jump at the chance to find out what I’m up to over at REDBARN STUDIOS, so go change your RSS feeds and sign up to follow me below….

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That leads me to the best part. I’m feeling so good that in celebration of my new blog address I’m doing a special Give-a-Way. The first person to leave a comment and sign up on my “new and improved” blog will receive a half yd of my beautiful hand dyed fabric AND one of my hand-made journal notebooks, a new design not yet published.

{ NOTE: giveaway has ended }

And because I’m in that happy place, the next 4 people to do the same will each receive one of my hand dyed FQ’s. What the hay….let’s celebrate! So……

Welcome to the “new and improved”Me!

….and all this to say “come visit my new blog” you say? Now really! How else would I/me/moi do it????

See ya next time “In the Studio”



January 6, 2010

Here’s a short blurb from Christine Kane newsletter:

“Clarity trumps practicality. When someone is clear, and they take action from that place of clarity – then practicality has no choice but to move aside and let manifestation occur.”

Love it!


My first foray into watercolour. The pic above shows a small piece (2.5 x 3) painted on 140 lb watercolour paper. I made it to grace the front wrap-around cover of a new journal I designed.

A while back I bought myself a Winsor & Newton halfpan 12-set compact on sale thinking it was enough to start with but not enough expenditure if I found I didn’t like it.

Uh oh……I LIKE IT!

Took the watercolour paints out a few weeks ago looking for something different for my journals and this is what I came up with. Yummy!

Still experimenting with other paintings. I just love the mixed media aspect of these journals. It’s held in place on a piece of my hand dyed fabric with metal brads and staggered stitching.


New Work

July 1, 2009


I’ve finished a new art quilt “At Odds”, ready just in time for the QBL Show coming up at the end of this month. My muse feels good. Detail of the quilting below.

at odds detail

I also have 2 new journals that will go in my etsy shop. One is done in a beautiful tan leather and is filled with sheets of 140lb watercolour paper. On the front page of each signature is a cutout of a dragonfly. Love those creatures.

tan leather breaths journal9

The second journal is filled with 4 signatures of drawing & writing paper with a brown suede spine. On the front I placed a saying by William Wordsworth that I love…….”Fill Your Papers with Breaths of Your Heart”.

breaths journal Update: SOLD!

On the inside I’ve added 2 painted pocket pages ready to hold those bits of paper we all seem to gather to us.

breaths journal4


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Collage Mania

March 31, 2009


One of my goals this year is two-fold…to push myself to make more art quilts and put my work and my name out there….scary though it may seem at times.

To that end, last month I created a piece for the Deltas of Charlotte’s Silent Auction called “It Takes a Village“. I also knew I wanted to put a few pieces in Collage Mania this year as this is the last year it will be held.

Collage Mania 2009, a Fiberart For A Cause online fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, was founded by Virginia Speigel, an artist whose father survived colon cancer.

In trying to find a way to give more, Virginia started by raising some extra funds with a 7 postcards. That blossomed in hundreds of postcards over the last 3 years.

To date, Fiberart For A Cause has donated over $165,000 to the American Cancer Society. This year Virginia wants to raise $20,000 to top her record last year of $13,000. In order to do that she has opened it up to include not only postcard sized pieces but any collages up to 8″x10″ size.

Since I’m not a postcard type of gal, the slightly larger format worked well for me. Here are the four I donated.






The background fabric of each collage is one of my hand dyed fabrics I screen printed and stamped. I then played with strips of fabric and paper to create each piece, then finished off with some free-motion machine quilting.

Each collage  is stamped with a word that represents the power within all of us to preserver through the worst of times, even when we feel the need to give up.







This year Collage Mania will be held May 5-7th. Patrons are asked to bid on collages donated by a wonderful community of  fiber and mixed-media artists.

May 5th is Gold Donor Day where there is a minimum donation of $80.

May 5th – 7th, which is Regular Collage Mania, the minimum donation for a collage is $40.

To Donate

Cancer, at some point, touches all out lives. Please consider making a donation in honor of someone close to you who has been touched by this disease.

Bookmark the Collage Mania page and revisit the site on one of the above dates. You will be a very proud owner of a wonderful piece of art by those artist willing to give a little bit of themselves for a very worthy cause.

Each of my collages is dedicated in memory of my Aunt Cynthia, who died from cancer in 2007.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

etsy treasury

February 28, 2009

115_2_rich-flameMy Rich Flame hand dye has been included in mojoindigo’s etsy treasury. What a thrill. Check it out here.

Not been selling on etsy for any long length of time and still have to find out about all the thrills, extras and things to do there. Seems like I’m missing out on stuff…sniff sniff.

Maybe I need to schedule in some me time to play .

See a next time “In the Hayloft”,

New Hand Dyes

September 28, 2008

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been busy lately trying to get a quilt finished for an upcoming show’s deadline.

I have been dyeing some more fabrics though. Check them out at my hand dyes blog at Remember to bookmark this site or, better yet, sign up for the feed for it so you are one of the first to see and buy the new fabs available.

Here’s a preview of a few of them:

Sienna Burst

Sienna Burst

Rich Flame

Rich Flame

Blue Rushes

Blue Rushes

Go on.  Go over and check them out, you know you can’t resist.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Question for You

August 3, 2008

I try to post a reply to all my comments (a big hunkin thank you to all of you who leave a comment) but don’t know if you receive my reply post as an email.

If you don’t, does anyone know how to make it happen in Blogger? or WordPress?

The reason I ask about WordPress is I’m actually thinking seriously about switching over to them. My art group blog, FAB (a wonderful bunch of ladies if I say so myself) is there and everytime I go to use it I find it a more managable thing to use. I like the format, ease of use and the fact that your photos are stored rather that have them floating in space with access only thru the posts.

I know some of you use Typepad (a pay-for-use service), how is that workin for ya? Inquiring minds want to know.

Oh…and hear’s a peak at one of the fabs I dyed before the family invasion. Just got around to ironing and photographing them. I’m calling this one “Scrumptious Mud Pie”. Wanna take a bite????

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,