Stepping out of the Shadow

October 8, 2009


Yesterday, my son lamented the trials and tribulations of life as an 8 yr old. Someone was “being mean” and calling one of his friends yucky names.

He came to his friend’s defense but then retreated when he realized the spotlight was now on him for rightly speaking up. I talked him thru that but the conversation tossed around in my head for a while about how we as adults deal with similar situations…till this morning.

I don’t always get a chance to check out Christine Kane’s blog but it seems when I need clarification on random thoughts rolling round in my head, her post of the day puts things into perspective.

In her latest post, “Standing Out and Standing In“, she talks about stepping into one’s own light and not letting the darkness of another encroach on one’s own ability to shine.

Standing out……by standing IN!

When we do good and someone’s compliment makes us feel uncomfortable or, even worse, someone making us feel bad because we did good, we tend to want to retreat, to step out of the spotlight and make excuses for our good behavior, like my son did.

Instead what we need to do is to feel proud of our accomplishments, our good deeds. Here’s how Christine describes it…

‘When we “Stand Out,” or when we “step out” into what we want (to be), what we’re actually doing is moving deeper inward. In fact, I’d wager to say that the inward movement is required in order to hold our center.

So, it might look like Standing Out. In the spotlight, into clarity, in a bigger playing field.

But what you’re really doing is Standing In. Deeper within yourself. Centering your intentions. Grounded in awareness.Few people understand this.  Few people ever discover that this is the ultimate reward of standing out.’

flowers in mug

So another lessson for me AND my son

…to remember to stand out by standing in

…to remain steadfast in what our hearts contain

…to be true to ourselves thru all the madness and strife that others choose to bring to our doorstep and,

….to know that all the good, positive things we do will always far outweigh the negativity that abounds.


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


Still Plogging Along

June 10, 2009

POP Art 2008 (16 x 18)

Would love to post some pics of work but most of the stuff I am doing right now is computer work. Uggh!

I have though started new work on a couple of things but no pics to show just yet. First there’s the Orchid Project. I have 5 pieces to make for it and I’m trying to  whittle down my selection.

I want to try some new techniques with them but it all depends on the time frame. The 2nd new work is a larger one of my off-the-cuff pieces.

I don’t know if any of you remember about 2 yrs ago I decided to work small. It gave me a chance to get work done without feeling overwhelmed by the pressure I felt to produce larger pieces (self-imposed of course). Well guess what?

“WHAT”, you say?

I now feel the need to work larger…the smaller pieces I now find are too confining…so I guess that means that my method of pushing myself worked.

I’m find that I’m now comfortable with 18 x 24 and even up to 24 x 30 format (no sizes are written in stone mind you). I’m still struggling to start but that starting time has gotten shorter.

Some of you had commented that you like the ‘word of the year” thingy (it is too a real word!) I spoke about in an earlier post and I hope some of you have found your own words to help you the rest of this year. My two words (intention and self dicipline, the harder of the two) have greatly helped me move forward.

Alyson stanfield

According to Alyson Stanfield (her book above)  we should redefine our goals especially if we haven’t done so in a while. So that’s my next step. Redefine my goals for the next year.

Have you redefined your goals lately?

Do you know where you are headed with your art?

Are you flying blind? or flying straight (a few loop-de-loos not withstanding)?

Talk to me people. Take and assessment and see just where you are headed. Hopefully it’s in the right direction for you.



See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

2009…A New Year

January 1, 2009

Just a quick post to officially usher in the new year.

I would also like to say a very special thank you to all of you who regularly read my blog. I love your comments, advice and good words about my work and invite you to stay on this journey with me.

I wish for all of us another year of wonderful experiences, continued growth, spiritual blessings and much success in our art journey.

Happy, Happy New Year!

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Word For the Year

December 26, 2008

Earlier this year, back in January, I began hearing about Christine Kane. First from my FAB friend, Judy, then on a blog I read quite regularly, Lisa Call. I admire both these women and trust that they knew what they were talking about when it came the inspiration of Christine Kane.

They were right.

She is very inspirational.

Word for the Year

Around this time of year we all go thru a regular and uninspiring year-end ritual of choosing  our New Year’s Resolutions. Christine Kane has a new take on New Year’s resolutions….

CHUCK the darn things out the window!

Really…cause none of us ever really follow thru with any of them anyway. Instead, she suggest we pick a word for the year.

Just one word. That’s all, she says.

“Then hold that word in your mind throughout the year, and let your word guide you to take action” (feel free to read more about it here and here).

I had all intentions of doing that this year, 2008, but obviously my life and mind had other plans. Next year though, in 2009, I intend to follow thru. I might need reminding from time to time but the INTENTION will be there.

Ah…you have just read my first word.


In order to start the year off right one should prepare beforehand. A few days ago I wrote down a few words and phrases that I thought might work for me: being present, choice,  discipline, focus, presence, allow…nothing resonated. I closed my eyes and got in touch with my goddess soul.

She picked: INTENTION and SELF-DISCIPLINE. (didn’t she realize that it was only supposed to be one word?).

No matter how I tried over the next few hours I couldn’t shake that 2nd word and kept coming back to it time and time again… I’m going with it. Enough of letting things slide (business or personal). State my intention, live my intention and be self disciplined enough to get the work done so that it can be completed.

At the end of the previous 2 years I found I could label each year. The first was the “Year of Me”. In looking back I saw that I did things that pleased me as concerns my artwork. Obviously I needed to find out more about me,, the artist, now that I had nerve enough to call myself one. The second year I labeled “Finding my Muse” cause boy did she ever talk to me …even though she did disappear from time to time…the nerve of her!


For 2009 I intend to begin at the beginning….at the beginning of this new year instead of the end of it.  I intend to start how I mean to finish. Wish me luck on my new journey.

What I wish for you, however, is a year of intention and meaning…in your life and in your work. I wish you peace, abundance, focus and clarity. Finally I wish you JOY and the courage to find your word for the year and let it become your guiding force.

BTW, the tag line on Christine’s blog reads:  Be Creative. Be Conscious. Be Courageous.

I love it…why not just BE!

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Giving Thanks

November 27, 2008

thanks-smallWe celebrate here in the States, Thanksgiving, a wonderful no-extra-stuff-but-giving-thanks holiday. Unlike the weeks leading up to Christmas where we all seem to be maniacally rushing around trying to find that perfect gift for family and friends, Thanksgiving is really cool.

It’s a time to recognize all the non-tangible gifts that have been bestowed on us throughout the year. All of us are given this once chance, if we had not done so already, to be grateful for all we have in our lives, no matter our circumstance.

So lets all give thanks for living and for the loving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Creative Art Journey

November 25, 2008

Remember me talking about an art book I had recently bought , Kelly Rae’s “Taking Flight“? Well I so thoroughly enjoyed the book that when I saw that a group had been formed from it I had to join. So when Laura from the takingflight group asked us to share our “Creative Art Journey” and also posed some questions to help us along I felt compelled to respond.

Some of the questions she asked were:

How long have you been creating art?     What & where do you like to create?     How do you get your inspiration?     What are your favorite themes?   What are your creative goals?     Share anything else about your Creative Art Soul.

What truly resonated with me was the use of the word “SOUL” because I truly believe that’s where my art comes from….my creative soul. So here is my response:

creative-soul-journeyMy Creative Art Soul is always a work in progress. I started off with quilting (15 yrs now) that then evolved into art quilts (and pattern designing) and that has now evolved into mixed media, hence me finding (and loving) Kelly Rae’s book.

When I get stuck in my creative journey I like to visit new blogs (I regularly read about 50) and get inspiration from a new technique or the way a particular colour is used or the way an image (or artwork)
resonates with me.

My latest muse is using artists canvas to make my new mixed media art pieces. I love the serendipity of what can be done with these little gems. Just like my art quilts I work in a mosly abstract manner but I do have favorite images I like to use in mixed media pieces.

These last 2 years I have dubbed the “year of me” to find out what I like to do, what I want to do and to see where my art takes me. I love creating new pieces whether in fabric or paper. A long time passion of mine however, is to find a way to inspire other women to find their creative soul. Wish me luck in my journey…..the same I do for you.

So now you have it, a little about my creative art journey. Where is your journey taking you?

See ya next time, “In the Hayloft”,

Standing S T I L L

November 12, 2008
Standing Still detail

There much to be said for standing still,
contemplating silence…
and really S E E I N G all that the universe has to offer.

New Direction

My artwork has taken a turn. I seem drawn to create mixed-media/collage art on artist canvas. I have always love looking at paper, seeing the textures and, of course, eventually purchasing that paper. When I enter a craft store I am inextricably drawn to the scrapbook paper aisle and usually take a stroll down the aisle down to try to spur ideas for my art quilts. In an art store I like to touch the wonderful papers others make (mulberry, rice, etc.) then it dawned on me I can use them in my work along with fabric. Who says I have to make scrapbook pages, right?????

Anyway, my new favorite things are gel medium and the oh-so-gorgeous Golden Fluid Acrylic paints (and no, I haven’t forgot my Lumieres). Some of you might know that I treat myself to a book a month…mainly reference books of ideas or processes (not books with patterns in them). Two that have caught my eye are “Taking Flight” by Kelly Rae Roberts and “The Art of Personal Imagery” by Corey Moortgat. Both offer kinda the same thing but in oh so different ways.

Kelly Rae’s book is more introspective with an intention of helping you find your own artistic spirit. Each chapter features a different artist and goes on to tell how they explore their own creative paths.  Kelly poses questions to the reader at the end of each chapter called “Winged Thoughts” then heads into techniques to inspire and experiment with.

Corey’s book gives you a myriad of ideas for telling stories of your life (or those of your loved one) thru collage and, in doing so, giving your artwork more personal meaning. She openly shares stories of her family life with the reader..the joys and the sorrows… and tries to personally connect us with the artwork that comes from this.

The Poem

Why the poem at the beginning? An excerpt from chapter 4 in Kelly’s book begins: “…look closely at the moments of our ordinary lives….find the sacred in the ordinary…” These words resonated with me so much that after finishing Corey’s book, I had to make a piece to voice this same sentiment. This one is called “Standing S T I L L”.

Standing Still

My first love will always be fabric but I can now employ the two fibers in my work and be a happy gal. How’s your art journey going?

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,