January 6, 2010

Here’s a short blurb from Christine Kane newsletter:

“Clarity trumps practicality. When someone is clear, and they take action from that place of clarity – then practicality has no choice but to move aside and let manifestation occur.”

Love it!


My first foray into watercolour. The pic above shows a small piece (2.5 x 3) painted on 140 lb watercolour paper. I made it to grace the front wrap-around cover of a new journal I designed.

A while back I bought myself a Winsor & Newton halfpan 12-set compact on sale thinking it was enough to start with but not enough expenditure if I found I didn’t like it.

Uh oh……I LIKE IT!

Took the watercolour paints out a few weeks ago looking for something different for my journals and this is what I came up with. Yummy!

Still experimenting with other paintings. I just love the mixed media aspect of these journals. It’s held in place on a piece of my hand dyed fabric with metal brads and staggered stitching.



New Fabrics

August 13, 2009

Back in May I was privileged to be asked to join a new art group, Fiber Art Options.

We are 7 fiber artists working together to promote and support each other. I had not had a chance to post and entry on our blog but now you can visit and read my first post.

I had a chance to play with soy wax again and created a few new fabrics for my stash. Like….big time!!

green soy

Remember in a previous  post about attending AQS in Knoxville a few weeks back…..well guess what….I bought not a stitch of fabric!

Yes, you heard me right. There was nothing out there I desparately needed because I am soooo much into creating my own pieces to use in my artwork. How cool is that piece above!!!!

In the post over at FAO I described the soy wax process I used to create the 3 pieces of fabric. Nice….even if I say so myself!


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Sarah Ann Smith & my Work

July 11, 2009

Do you remember that I created some artwork for Fiberart for Cause….4 pieces, 8×10 for Virginia Spiegel‘s last Collage Mania back in May.





Well one of the purchasers, Sarah Ann Smith, who  snagged these 2 pieces, posted about them on her blog recently. She bought them to give as a gift for her hubby. What a nice way to say to someone “thanks and love ya”.

And thank you again Sarah for liking my work enough to buy it. How way cool!


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Taking Risks

June 16, 2009

I love quotes, especially those that have a healing, retrospective or look-on-the-bright-side quality to them.

Sometime last year I came up with 5o or so of what I like to call “Life Affirmations”. I printed them out and now have them hanging on the wall in my studio. They’re just little pick-me-up sayings to either perk me up, keep me going or just make me smile at the thought. Here’s a sampling.

laugh till it hurts

……frolic with your inner girl

…………QUIET the inner critic….

………………..skip to your own music


red shoes

I’ve been so busy recently and decided last week to take a small break from art quilting. I got out a 4 x 6 canvas, gesso-ed it, picked one saying and had fun painting. I punched 2 holes in the upper corners, strung some twine and now it’s hanging in my studio.

I’m thinking I might make a few more using the ones above and add them to my esty shop. We all need a small reminder every now and then to move beyond the ordinary and do something different, even daring.

For all those of you who sometimes live in fear with your artwork and choose not to take risks (me included)….this one’s for you.You’re bound to stand out when you wear these shoes and don’t you think it’s time you (and your art) took a risk?

So go on….wear them RED shoes girl!

(thanks to Mystele for getting me started with my canvas paintings… i just love her work).



See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

New Small Works

May 19, 2009


I had lots of small pieces (smaller than a fat 8th) of some of my older hand dyed fabrics and was in the mood for a little play. After I fused the fabrics I just started playing with shape and colour….one of my favorite things to do. When I play like this there is no end result in my head, just freely cutting, moving pieces around then carefully fusing down. 

I finished the larger piece (on the right) but had so much little bits left over that I just couldn’t stop… I made mini’s, 4 of then in all to go with the larger one. Whadya think…..did I get carried away?

I took it to a meeting I attended recently (more about that at another time but I’m smiling bout it) and one of the ladies popped out with its name. She said it reminded her of urban Miami with all the popping colours and structures. So there you have it “Urban Miami” and her four frolicking friends. I like!


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Newly Dyed Fabrics…Oh My!

March 18, 2009

Two weeks ago, just after we had all that weird snowfall (who knew our area could still get inchies??) it got real warm…warm enough to sleep with the windows open…ALL night!

I had been aching to dye some fabrics but since my set-up is in the garage (one of these days I’ll have in an indoor wet studio, so hubby promises), I have to go along with the disparities in the weather.

Last week we got some real warm 70+ degree weather and my heart skipped a beat.


Time to DYE!!!!! Yippee!

Luckily for me, my order of new dyes had just come in so I grabbed my apron and had at it with a vengeance. My new dyes included chartreuse, pumpkin spice, moss and turkey red among others. I decided to dye straight colours in a medium hue to get the true colours for my dye log.

Wellllll………I got carried away. I did dye those sets (below) but before I could remind myself to cut off some swatches I decided to overdye them. As you can see there’s a bit too many white areas in those fabrics for my liking.


So I get to work and this interesting lot  is what I got (below)…..boy was I scared to see what they looked like after the final rinse.



But look….overdyed-batch

…how beautiful they are. Will be adding these to my  Etsy shop tomorrow. Wait till you see them close up!

I also did a 3-step gradation (the way Lisa Call does hers) with the same colours as before but this time added about 2 oz of black dye to each dye concentrate. These beauties are what I got.



Love, love, love to dye.

By the way, If you want to gather a few friends for a day of dyeing just drop me a line. Check my website ( for more information about workshop prices.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

March 16, 2009

And A Good Time Was Had By All

This past weekend I went away on a a long overdue quilt retreat with some ladies from my guild, the Lake Norman Quilters. Joyce of heArts Desire Retreats arranged the whole thing for us.

There were 13 of us (including Joyce) and we had the whole place to ourselves. The facility, located just outside of Boone, sleeps 13 people with with all but 2 having a separate twin bed (2 get to share a double bed in a cozy loft).

Michele and I arrived Friday midday just in time for lunch. We dropped our cases, picked a spot to sew and got right down to business.

Michele started working on her new fairy doll and got most of her finished with clothes except for the embellishments and the panties…who knew fairies wore panties?????

We worked on all sorts of projects from quilts to bags to dolls to paper. Check out some of these pics….

Mary Jo helping Cheryl

Cheryl & Mary Jo


some show 'n tell off camera range

some show 'n tell out of camera range


Jean's newly carved stamps

Jean's newly carved stamps


Liz working on a big 'un

Liz working on a big 'un


There was lots of singing and dancing in between sewing. Here’s Joyce and Jean letting the music take them…..




We laughed and joked and chatted and then some. Because it rained a dribbling cold rain the whole time we were there, we didn’t even venture outside the whole weekend.

Some us us even took a snooze cause we were working so hard at play.



And here are all of us in our parting shot on Sunday…notice the big smiles…..something or other to do with salami???


yeh………good times!



See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,