Captured Moments 2

November 12, 2009

A few weeks ago I asked my son what he wanted to do on his day off from school. He said “something fun please”. Now the pressure was on…what to do to entertain an 8 yr old????

I decided on a “Picture Day”. and he was all for it. We took our cameras and I drove way into the countryside, pulling over whenever we chose to take pictures of nature, dilapidated buildings, gigantic rocks in from of an abandoned cemetery…anything was fare game.

on-rockon the rocks

barnpicthe artist

red truckcool car huh?

wish we could have gotten closer.

barn pics


Se ya next time “In the Hayloft”,


Lake Norman Guild Show

November 2, 2009

This past Saturday wrapped up our guild show. What a hoot we had! We are a small group (about 55 members) and did we put on a show!  And to boot…I won a few awards.

Here’s the wrap up….

LKN Gld group pic

This was our regular group picture taken just after the show closed and before we do Take Down. Michele Sheets (reclining in front) was our Show Chair so we gave her a special space in the pic. These are some of the best bunch of ladies and am so happy to be in this guild with them. We have way too much fun together.


My group, Pandoras, won 1st place in the Group category, and below as we accept our ribbon. From L – R: DeLane Rosenau, me and Susan Brubaker Kanpp (missing is Lushorn Millsaps).


I won Best Innovative Quilt for Red Moon (below). What a nice surprise!


Here I am accepting my ribbon for it. Liz always cracks me up with her hilarious stories but, for the life of me, I can’t remember what she said here that had us giggling so much. Considering that this happened only 2 days ago, one would think I was having an early senior moment.


“At Odds” won a 3rd place award in the Art Quilt category. Yay!

At Odds

A couple of pics of the quilts hanging….



Donna Loebs looking at the “Roots”Challenge pieces,


DeLane and her  “Birds of a Feather” jacket that won an Honorble Mention in the Wearable category,


Here’s our ribbon table. The smaller ribbons below the large ones are yo-yos that Jean Newman made as a new thing this year. Each winner got one that corresponded with the ribbon they won. We pinned them on our name tages so that show attendees could easily see who the ribbon winners were.


My husband brought my youngest son to see the show. He walked around really looking at all the quilts and came back and literally pulled me from my duty at the admin table to show me his favorite quilts.

This next quilt by Jeane Knick won Viewers Choice Award and a 2nd place prize for large bed quilt. This was one of the ones he pulled me to. He was so very animated as he told me how he loved how the colours moved in this Bargello pattern. It was really a beautiful quilt.

Jeane Knick

Sandy Palmer’s quilt “Shake Your Tail Feathers” was picked as Judge’s Choice by judge Scott Murkin. He absolutley loved it because he thought it was “ridiculously cute”.


“Till He’s Cute” by Joyce Mullis won a 2nd place ribbon in the Art Quilt Category. We all had a good laugh when we saw this one with the martini glass.


Towards the end of the show I realized I hadn’t gotten many pics of our guild members working the show so at one point I turned to see Liz (on right) and Jean checking out some quilts.

I couldn’t get a clear picture to I snuck around to the back of the quilt they were looking at and poked the camera thru. I surprised them and they both burst out laughing but, I got the perfect picture.


One of the new things we tried this year was a thing called “Playpen Frenzy”. We loaded a playpen (quite a few times too) with lots and lots of fabric (books, magazines and ribbons too).

Quilt show attendees got to fill a gallon size bag for $3…BUT…. it had to zip completely closed to count. This was a giant hit! Guild members got to recycle some of their stash and some lucky quilters got some “new” fabrics.

Playpen Frenzy

The Flight of Fantasy Doll Club set up a table at the show. I wish I had taken more pics of them but I just had to get the Witche’s trio. Look at how innocent they look.


…and what about this little elf popping out of the tree stump…he was way tooooo cute. (I apologize for not recording the names of the makers though).


and because the last day of our show fell on Halloween we had people walking around in costume (check our our one Charlotte Sloop as Reggedy Ann in the group pic at the top of the post). My son decided to dress as a “cool” vampire. Here is in full make up and in character…


Cool huh!


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

And the Winner Is…..

June 7, 2009

Without further ado, using the handy dandy random number generator at,  the winner of her own personalized fabric mini journal is comment:

random numr

~~~~~~~~~~~ Linda Robertson ~~~~~~~~~~

our friend from down under…whoopee!!!!!

Linda if you will contact me (see email in sidebar) with your fabric and colour preferences for your mini journal it’ll be whipped off to you lickety split.

Well almost, it is going half way round the world. Wow, to know that one of my handmade journals will find it’s way to Australia…how way cool is that!

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment on my “The Website is Back Up” giveaway and to for Susan Knapp for introducing me to some new friends. I love all the comments and good wishes.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

March 2, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

You know, when you live in the south, especially the Charlotte area, you hardly get any snow. Let me put it this way…..we don’t usually count in inches, more like centimeters.

But when that little bit does comes down the county practically shuts down and the shelves are bare because there is a run on bread and milk (????).

Last night as we were all sitting at the table eating dinner I looked out and saw the snow was coming down gently.


About a half hour later we went to take a look outside and found 2″ of snow…..already…the kind that sticks. Off the kids when to put on shoes and coats and they frolicked in the snow for a little bit, with the dog having a good run around, romping in the fresh white stuff that he just had to eat as well.

As I’m standing there I hear in the distance thunder…..What (you say?)…….Yes….I heard thunder…..thunder in the middle of a snowfall. I’d never ever experienced this. I learned later that what we heard was “thunder snow”.  Who knew?

Needless to say….the county shut down the schools today so the kids took the dog on a long walk and when he came back this was all he could do……


Snow Day Pics


Greeting card perfection….


Isn’t this gorgeous with the sun peaking thru above?

snow-day2Snow beginning to melt…boo hoo

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Guild Presentation

February 10, 2009

Sample of My Obsessive Stage

What a great time I had last night!

I gave a presentation to the Cabarras Quilters Guild and had an absolute blast! What a great bunch of ladies and gentleman. It was laughter all the way to the end of the night.

My presentation…”Evolution of a Fiber Artist: The Life and Times of a Quilt Addict” is a very tongue in cheek look at my art journey from guilty quilt addict to fiber artist. Most of the quilters in attendance recognized themselves in the 5 stages of quilt addiction I outlined. Those who didn’t….you know who you are and you need to fess up!

I have to thank Barbara, the guild’s program chair, for her gracious help from beginning to end and also the ladies of this guild for making me feel so very welcome.  we quilters really are a special group of people

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Etsy Here I Come!

January 8, 2009

I have always made things for myself and for others. I had a clothing business early on in the Bahamas making clothes for the some of the expatriates who lived on the island…. then when we moved to the US, I started quilting and making custom bed linens and window treatments.

Last year I opened an Etsy shop  (for those of you who don’t know Etsy is a place where all thing handmade can be found to give as gifts or, even better, to keep for yourself, yummy!).

Here’s the thing……I knew I wanted to offer my handmade items for sale but never knew what I would like to make for others that would not turn into a sort of production line. I wanted to offer special items that were very much a part of who I am as an artist.

As you know, this past Christmas I made journals as gifts for my friends. I so enjoyed making these gifts that I thought…mmmmh…. others who enjoy handmade items would also like my journals.

Each journal is hand bound with  a fabric covered cover and contains 4 signatures that are covered with some funky scrapbook paper….which you know I absolutely love perusing paper and craft stores for.

I am busy making more journals so if you see one you’d like or you have in mind a specific one you want me to make for you let me know.  This is soooo way cool!!!  Now go over to my etsy shop…….go on, I can wait….. and take  a look. Let me know what you think.

Here’s a sneak peak at 1 of the items I have for sale.

heart-swirls heart-swirls-4

I now make beautiful journals that inspire me everyday. So from time to time I will be posting a new one here to let you know I have added a new one to MY Etsy shop at

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Christmas Gifts

December 18, 2008

This year one of my art groups decided we’d make something for our secret Santa gifts instead of buying something for that person. So I decided to do the same for the girls in my other art group as well.

I thought and thought and thought, and thought some more then racked my brain even more before I finally came up with the perfect gift. Can you tell I find it hard to shop for people? It’s my own fault because I feel the need to get (or make) something for that person instead of giving a generic gift that anyone can get.

So off I went to the craft store to buy my supplies like I minded doing that right?. Full disclosure here,  we picked names back in September (did I just reveal that?) but, as I obviously like a challenge and seem to work more effectively when there is a deadline in play (like the true procrastinator I am), I only decided to start making these gifts last week. They were due Monday and Tues of this week……HA!

lushorns-journal1 lushorns-journal-2 lushorns-journal-3

If you knew my friend Lu’shorn you’d know anything pink with ladybugs would fly with her.

susans-journal susans-journal-3 susans-journal-5

Susan’s loves anything turquoise and this one includes a small bookmark notebook in one the journal’s pockets.

delanes-journal1 delanes-journal-2 delanes-journal-3

And this one is for my esoteric, Bohemian-like friend, DeLane, who makes fantastic art. Loved making this art tag for her!

I read my books on technique (I do have a few and I feel NO shame in admitting it, so there!) and put my own twists on each and came up with some beautiful pieces, even if I say so myself.

The fun part is these gifts utilize my new re-discovery (?) of PAPER and I get to assuage my guilt by using some of all those wonderful fabrics I STILL have in my stash. Didn’t I tell you I’d find creative uses for them?

I have wanted to make a couple of journals just to try out different techniques and see if I really like making them. And if I did, I’d finally have something I wanted to make on a regular basis for my Etsy shop which I set up oh-so long ago. I found I’m not one for mass producing things and didn’t want to get stuck in a rut with whatever I sold on Esty.


First of all I love, love, love buying the paper…..remember I said I’d drift into the scrapbooking aisle first to look at all the gorgeous papers? Now I have a legitimate reason to buy them (oh no you say…heck yeh I say!)

And what about all the new gadgets I’ll have to I may be purchasing (hubby is ready this blog now so I have to be careful) like the guillotine. Oooh la la. Every respectable bookbinder needs one of those babies!

I have now found a local source for paper and bookbinding supplies (thanks Susan) cause I like to see and touch and lollygag over what I want to purchase. I can’t tell you how it frustrates me when I can ONLY purchase something online…the waiting does me in.

So I am off and running….as soon as the hip mends that is (that’s for another posting for sure) and will be making up some more journals.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,