Mint Hill Fiber Arts Exhibition

February 11, 2010


Forgot to let you know about the other pieces I had hanging at Mint Hill Arts Annual Fiber Arts show last month. I chose 3 pieces, “Red Moon”, “At Odds” and “Stacked” to hang in their gallery.

I found out last week that each piece was also selected to be exhibited at the Gallery’s off site exhibition at Mint Hill Town Hall, the Chamber of Commerce and the local BB&T Bank after the MHA Fiber Arts show was finished. They were chosen to hang at BB&T.

Funnily enough, in my former life, I was an employee of that same bank in uptown Charlotte, oh so long ago. Full circle moment here.

Defining Work

My quest this year is to push my work out there a bit more and find more places to have my work juried and exhibited. I am so pleased that I’ve started off on the right foot, 2 straight months where my work is hanging.

Back in December I got a tip from Robbie Joy Eklow (on the Quiltart list I subscribe to) about submitting our work.

She suggested that we set our calenders up at least 6 mths in advance, noting all the exhibitions we want to enter, the entry deadline, acceptance and ship dates and remembering to update our websites and art records to reflect this.

This way we are not caught short trying to fill out paperwork, finish artwork or play catch up when the show/exhibition rolls around.

Just trying to keep my Word for the Year, D I L I G E N C E in the forefront.


Fiber Art Orchids at Daniel Stowe

February 5, 2010

Our Fiber Art group exhibit, Orchids: Sensuality Stitched opens tomorrow at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. Yesterday we gathered to hang our show and I must say it looks wonderful.

Cindy Klemmer, Director of Education at Stowe, greeted us warmly, showed us the hanging space and helped us get started.

First things first, we laid out  the pieces on the floor to we decide where they will hang.

That’s my piece on the lower left, “Ode to Gene”. My first foray into whole cloth painting and I loved it!

PJ Howard  “rose to the occasion” (I couldn’t help the pun) and was deemed our unofficial ladder climber. I did not volunteer for that job because the older I get the more I find that me and ladders just don’t get along.

She came prepared with her own tool belt made out of fabric (what else for a fiber artist right?).

The hanging system at the Stowe is the typical Walker System whereby long rods are hung from a picture rail running along the wall about 10″ down from the ceiling.

Hanging clips are attached and the work is hung from these.

Our one dilemma was how were were to hang fiber art that is usually hung using a rod/slat in a sleeve.

For each of our pieces we each made a sleeve that would still hold a rod (so the pieces can still be exhibited in a quilt show) but made it long enough to cover the foam core we used.

Wire was then twisted onto the foam core so that they could be hung gallery style.

After having made 4 of these revised sleeves I will be creating a PDF tutorial that I’ll put in my sidebar for those that want to know how to make one.

Let me just say there were few prototypes before I got to the one I eventually used for the backs of my artwork.

Here’s Deb Langsam (left)  rehanging one of her pieces after adding the wire to the foam core earlier.

Susan Knapp (right)  brought sewing supplies to finish adding a label to the back of one of her pieces.

While we were hanging, staffers occasionally popped in to see what we were up to, admiring all the work we had done.

The two ladies (below), on the way out of the Garden, walked in to have a gander.

Most people are still a bit uninformed about art quilts or fiber art and curiosity got the better of them. They spent a few minutes asking questions.

I love this part about exhibiting, answering questions about our work and the processes we employ and find it fascinating that people still marvel at the fact that these artworks are all made from fabric.

Included in the larger works,  we each made one piece, 18 x 12, using the same photograph as inspiration.

These pieces were hung in the Garden’s  atrium where we will also be doing our demonstrations (12-4pm) of some of the techniques we used in the artwork. Some of us will be available at different times to walk through the exhibition to answer questions.

To find our more info about each artist check out our blog at

The Exhibition will run through March 14th and we’d love to have you view our show.

Feb. 6 through March 14, 2010
Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden
Belmont, NC

Orchid #3

January 30, 2010

Finally finished quilting all four pieces for our Orchid Exhibition coming up next week. Since I’ll be snowed in today (crazy snow this way in NC) I’ll get to devote a lot of time to adding facings and preparing each of them for hanging.

So in that vein, here’s another sneak peek at Orchid #3. Can you correctly guess what this orchid piece is about?




My Work Is Making Unknown Appearances

August 18, 2009

Last evening I’m tootling thru the blogs that I read and one pic on someone’s blog looks familiar. Can’t be tho because Rayna Gilman and I have never met in person (tried to get her for NC Quilt Symposium but schedules didn’t mesh).

I stop and study the picture for a few secs and there…in the background….is the bottom half of MY quilt.

Some Background

Two years ago I attended Quilting By the Lake (QBL) and knew, by the time I left, that I would be a returning student, again and again. I didn’t get to go this year but past attendees are asked to put quilts in their annual show. I chose to send “At Odds”, my quilt about working together even though differences abound.


Held in upper New York state for 2 weeks in July,  QBL recently moved to a new location, Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY. I traveled with a friend, Delane, two years ago and we had a blast, with teachers who are so giving and the participants who are all so very nice.

Back to the Story

So I have to catch up on Rayna’s posts and keep reading till I get to this one with a great teacher, Rosalie Dace (according to Rayna she is listening to someone talking  to her).

Rosalie andmy quilt 1

Why the heck does this pic look so darned familiar???? How could that be? One of those deja vue moments for sure. Then it dawns on me that the thing that is so familiar is MY quilt staring back at me. That’s it there in the upper right.

One Coincidence is Enough You Say?

ahhh…NO! It is now 4 am…I just finished writing a different post but can’t post it yet (needed to get permission to use a video in previous post) so instead I go check out the classes on QBL….which one does if you can’t post and you are tired and it’s 4 am….right?

I click on QBL Registration and there is that same feeling of familiarity…AGAIN! What the hay????? Yes, you guessed it, my quilt is again a part of a photo they used to show the hanging of the Quilt Show. OH MY GOSH! Who the heck would have thunk that? And how way cool!

QBL and At odds

If you have never been to QBL…let me tell you! What a fantastic retreat….a gift you should really consider giving yourself.


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Hold that Take Down….

July 5, 2009

"Be" the water fairy

BE, the Water Fairy, 18″ tall
Doll Challenge

Funny incident happened when we went to take down our Art of Cloth” show this past Thurs.

I had just taken one piece down when a few ladies came wondering in apologizing and begging us to not take down the show till they had a chance to walked it.

Apparently they got the date wrong for viewing. So the five of us stood back and the 3 ladies had the place to themselves. They stayed for about 45 minutes, really studying pieces, talking amongst themselves and asking each of us questions about certain pieces.

We let them take as much time as they needed. They were very pleased and congratulated us on a “fine show”.

Now how cool is that?


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”

Gallery Opening Reception

June 14, 2009

art of cloth

I am so pleased with the very successful gallery showing we had Friday night. Jean, DeLane, Christine, Judy and I had a blast!

It was the first showing for most of us and we are very proud of the work we accomplished. It was a bit strange watching people walk around looking at our work and actually discussing what caught their eye, knowing that I was part of what they had come to see. I was absolutely fascinated by the fact that people wanted to see AND actually showed up to see our art.

Thank you to everyone who came out to cheers us on and thanks also to all the well wishers who couldn’t make it, we felt your love and support from far away.

Now I suppose you want to see some pics huh? I have to tell you that I didn’t get many pics (was too busy looking around and talking) so there are only a few.

Well, as they say, on with the show….

jean wall

Some of Jean’s work… she describes her work, it’s a twist on the traditional….


delane wall

Pieces from Delane….and her feet quilt got quite a bit of attention. It’s fantastic close up…..


christine wall

Christines work…wish I got a close-up of the piece on the right…it a great landscape with lots of depth…..


judy wall

Judy’s pieces reflect nature in it’s finest, the black and white is a large painted one….


my wall w fam

I rarely show pics of my family but this is the only one where you can see my work.I will head back to the gallery in a few days to take some more pics. It was hard trying to get some good ones that night cause I either forgot to click away or couldn’t get a good enough angle.

My art quilts are in the background and the journals I am way too crazy about these days are on a pedestal in front of me. And of course, you can see the outfit I finally chose to wear….everyone said it looked very “arty”. Colours were definitely me.

BTW, that’s hubby, my daughter and my youngest son in the pic. Oldest son had disappeared to somewhere else by then.


The Round Robin (RR) Challenge….this RR was a little bit different. We each cut up a 24 x 36 sheet into what ever shape we chose but only containing 5 pieces. Then the whole thing rotated and each person made a section. We did not have to put it back together the same way and you can see that DeLane (the jacket) and I (lower right corner) chose to use our sections in……let’s say, different ways. Love how each piece turned out.

jean doll delane jacket

Jean’s doll “Rose” from the doll challenge and a close-up of DeLane’s challenge jacket from the RR challenge….



And some the the guest mingling around.

The show will be hanging at Lincoln Cultural Center till July 3rd so please take a moment to go and see it. If you so choose to travel from afar to see out work then by all means come on down…hee hee.

Will be posting more pics son, I’d like to show more close-ups of our work. Thanks for stopping by.



See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

addendum: does anyone know how to get the pics to enlarge when you click on them…there seems to be no ryhme or reason why my pics are sometime clickable in my posts. The pics in this post are not unfortunately.

First Bit of News

May 17, 2009

These last few months have been very busy for me. An art group I belong to has a gallery showing coming up in June and I’ve been busy making some new pieces and working on our most recent group challenge. This one is big and oh so very cool even if I say so myself.

I’m so excited! This will be my first gallery show and you betcha I’m darned excited. We are each busy finishing up loose ends and getting the news out.

If you are in the area and would like to attend (which I just know you’re aching to do). The show  entitled “The Art of Cloth” will hang at the Lincoln Cultural Center in Lincolnton, NC (403 E Main Street), Our pieces will hang from June 3rd to July 2nd.

Opening repception is  June 12th at 6:30 p.m. We’d love to have you join us then. 

Also, I have finished my first newsletter and will be sending that out within the next few days. If you are not on my email list and would like to join and have a hunkering to get my newsletter send me an email at: grace (at) redbarn-studio (dot) com. (sorry, this is not a link).

Do you know the reason most people are writing their emails like this now?. If it’s written as a link then lovely spammers, (who BTW only have our best interest at heart…yeh right!) send out feelers to store your email addy and send you loads of yucky stuff you would never have need for especially if you are female….wink, wink. 

And would you believe I have more news to come….but I have to upload some more photos for that post. Stay tuned.


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,