Orchid #3

January 30, 2010

Finally finished quilting all four pieces for our Orchid Exhibition coming up next week. Since I’ll be snowed in today (crazy snow this way in NC) I’ll get to devote a lot of time to adding facings and preparing each of them for hanging.

So in that vein, here’s another sneak peek at Orchid #3. Can you correctly guess what this orchid piece is about?





Wordpress Gone Wild!

January 5, 2010

Don’t know what happened but for some reason I am all over this WordPress “Art Store post today but I’ll take it (see, tags do work).

Check it out and scroll down for me, me, me and more me. Weird!


Above pic is a fused piece I did of a bite of an apple, refreshingly called “Apple Bite” (ehh…what can I say, that’s what came to mind and the title stuck – so sue me!).

Anyhoo, originally made to enter the Quitling Arts Calendar contest last year this time but never got around to quilting it. Cool looking dontcha think? It’s still sitting at the bottom of the design wall…..just begging me to finish it.


Wedding Guest Book

November 4, 2009

My friend, Delane,  had asked me to make a wedding guest book for the marriage of her son Ted to his bride Lauren.

I really wanted to make a special gift especially for Lauren, she’s the photographer who took those wonderful pictures of my work a while back. Her favorite colours were red, orange and brown and colours of the wedding were in the Fall colour range.

I had no idea where to go with this at first and took some time mulling over a few ideas, I remembered that she wanted me incorporate the words “our wedding, underneath the trees” in her wedding book so I started with that.

tree-stencilUsing a Stewart Gill stencil from their Flowers of Scotland collection, I reduced its size and cut out a new stencil out of freezer paper.

After ironing it to a piece of white silk dupioni, I painted it with Stewart Gill Brass Gold metallic paint.

I now needed to get Lauren’s words on the fabric. Because I don’t have access to a thermofax machine, I decided to try a new product


I had recently bought, Photo EZ silk screen. This was way cool and easy to use.

Photo EZ sheets are made from a silk screen mesh coated with a light sensitive water soluble polymer.

Using a saturated black image printed on plain white paper, it only needs sunlight and plain tap water to develop. Off I went and developed 3 separate screens for the front of the guestbook.

guestbooklauren9 The silkscreen was taped down with masking tape (above) and metallic paint was squeegees through the mesh with the edge of an expired credit card.

I added Lauren and Ted’s names to the front of the book as well. After drying, I was now ready to make the book.

Cutting 2 boards for the front and back, I covered them both in the silk dupioni.guestbooklauren3

For the spine of the guestbook I used two coordinating batik fabrics and staggered them on the left edges of the boards.

Lasty, I glued a passion red bookcloth (afterall, they are newlyweds aren’t they?) on the inside for the lining.

I cut papers for guests to sign and then decided to add some black cardstock so they guestbooklauren5can also add pictures to personalize their book. It was finally coming together.

Using a Japanese stab stitch method, I sandwiched the papers in between the covers and stitched the book together, tying a gold ribbon at the spine edge for a touch of embellishment. I named this one “Beneath the Trees”.

I wrapped the guestbook in my signature brown paper and tied a red ribbon around the gift.


I was very pleased to hear that Lauren squealed with delight upon opening  the package.  Check Delane’s blog for some pics of the absolutely beautiful bride Lauren made….and Ted looked dashing too!


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

New Work

November 2, 2009


“Under the harvest moon,
When the soft silver
Drips shimmering
Over the garden nights…”      –Carl Sandburg


Our Guild logo is the sailboat to coincide with our name, Lake Norman Guild. One of the themes for a guild challenge this year was “Sailing under the Harvest Moon” (which also happened to be the name of our Quilt Show this past weekend).

Harvest Moon detail

Instead of using the whole theme though, I decided to concentrate just on the harvest moon.

In my research I learned that the harvest moon is the fullest moon occurring closest to the autumnal equinox.

An equinox, which happens 2 times each year, occurs when the centre of the Sun spends about the same time above and below the horizon at every location on the Earth.

Therefore the night and day are equally as long with no long period of darkness between sunset and moonrise.

The moon shines brighter, takes on a beautiful golden hue and looks larger than it appears because it sits so low in the sky.

It is so very bright at night that farmers work thru the night harvesting their crops working bymoon detail the light of the moon, hence the name “Harvest Moon”.

To depict this larger than life phenomenon, I painted 2 different Stewart Gill metallic paints along the edge of the hand dyed gold fabric, creating the illuminating moon.

fence detail

Using a silver grey Caron D’ache crayon, I extended the haze of the light around the moon and onto the field of wheat to show some reflection.

The thing that stumped me for a bit though was the fabric we had to use in our finished piece.

Originally I cut leaves out of the fabric to float on water (sailing theme) but they really looked out of place. In the end I liked the way I used it to portray a suggestion of a fence line across the field.

The quilt measures 20.5″ x 17″, a small piece again but the smaller size enables me to try out new techniques without committing to larger pieces.

I have been told lately that my work is taking on a particular “style” (big smile here) and that’s definitely something I’m striving for, to create a body of work that represents the essence of MY creativity.  I’ve got much more work to do to reach my goal and, in fact, I am a part of the year long SAQA Visioning Project to help me move forward.


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,



New Small Works

May 19, 2009


I had lots of small pieces (smaller than a fat 8th) of some of my older hand dyed fabrics and was in the mood for a little play. After I fused the fabrics I just started playing with shape and colour….one of my favorite things to do. When I play like this there is no end result in my head, just freely cutting, moving pieces around then carefully fusing down. 

I finished the larger piece (on the right) but had so much little bits left over that I just couldn’t stop…..so I made mini’s, 4 of then in all to go with the larger one. Whadya think…..did I get carried away?

I took it to a meeting I attended recently (more about that at another time but I’m smiling bout it) and one of the ladies popped out with its name. She said it reminded her of urban Miami with all the popping colours and structures. So there you have it “Urban Miami” and her four frolicking friends. I like!


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,