My Work Is Making Unknown Appearances

August 18, 2009

Last evening I’m tootling thru the blogs that I read and one pic on someone’s blog looks familiar. Can’t be tho because Rayna Gilman and I have never met in person (tried to get her for NC Quilt Symposium but schedules didn’t mesh).

I stop and study the picture for a few secs and there…in the background….is the bottom half of MY quilt.

Some Background

Two years ago I attended Quilting By the Lake (QBL) and knew, by the time I left, that I would be a returning student, again and again. I didn’t get to go this year but past attendees are asked to put quilts in their annual show. I chose to send “At Odds”, my quilt about working together even though differences abound.


Held in upper New York state for 2 weeks in July,  QBL recently moved to a new location, Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY. I traveled with a friend, Delane, two years ago and we had a blast, with teachers who are so giving and the participants who are all so very nice.

Back to the Story

So I have to catch up on Rayna’s posts and keep reading till I get to this one with a great teacher, Rosalie Dace (according to Rayna she is listening to someone talking¬† to her).

Rosalie andmy quilt 1

Why the heck does this pic look so darned familiar???? How could that be? One of those deja vue moments for sure. Then it dawns on me that the thing that is so familiar is MY quilt staring back at me. That’s it there in the upper right.

One Coincidence is Enough You Say?

ahhh…NO! It is now 4 am…I just finished writing a different post but can’t post it yet (needed to get permission to use a video in previous post) so instead I go check out the classes on QBL….which one does if you can’t post and you are tired and it’s 4 am….right?

I click on QBL Registration and there is that same feeling of familiarity…AGAIN! What the hay????? Yes, you guessed it, my quilt is again a part of a photo they used to show the hanging of the Quilt Show. OH MY GOSH! Who the heck would have thunk that? And how way cool!

QBL and At odds

If you have never been to QBL…let me tell you! What a fantastic retreat….a gift you should really consider giving yourself.


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,