New & Improved

February 19, 2010
photo courtesy of Jana

For the past few weeks I’ve been revamping, refurbishing and doing a little polishing up of the ole image.

The Beginning

I started this blog way back when, after I had chosen the name for my company, REDBARN STUDIOS.

I’ve been in love with red barns (not blue or brown but RED!) for as long as I can remember. They absolutely fascinate me. In trying to come up with a name for my company I tried all sort of different names, including that ever famous exclamation of mine…Flippity Dippity Designs (remember that one Susan?).

So the hunt was on to find something that tied well into what I know of my past and what I wanted for my future……..and REDBARN STUDIOS was born.

(In my best Britsh voice: Can you discern that I have intense feelings of deep affection for the colour RED!)


Now back to this blog. I wanted to name it something in keeping with REDBARN of course. And in those humble beginnings is how Barnyard Chatter got started and also why I always signed off with…….See ya next time “In the Hayloft”.

I wanted my blog to be a place of art foremost, but also a place for friends, new and old, to come sit, chat, laugh and romp in the hay while we have fun creating and learning. That idea about why I blog hasn’t changed. It’s really me who’s evolving.

(you still with me? …thanks)

The Revamp

Over the last couple of years my work has evolved as well and I’ve had a few rethinks about what I want to pursue……always asking “what did Grace want to achieve?” If I could do “IT” (whatever it was) any which way, what would I do? How can I best let my art, my creativity manifest itself through me?

*Remember this quote form an earlier post “Clarity trumps practicality. When someone is clear, and they take action from that place of clarity then practicality has no choice but to move aside and let manifestation occur”…… Christine Kane*

I’ve picked up a few things, run screaming past some and, others still, I’ve just left by the wayside knowing that that was not the course I wanted to pursue.

What I know for sure (yeh I know, I sound like Miss Oprah) is that I want to create art….period! All that extraneous stuff…..I’ve found over time that I really was not that committed to and if one is not committed to something wholeheartely then it’s not really worth doing.

With all that said, this will be my last post from this blog, Barnyard Chatter. All right folks, stop the fluttering…..I’m not going anywhere. She’s been a good place to rest my non-stop thinking and pondering and working through. But her time has come.

Da   da   da-da   da   da-da   da-da   da-da      (overkill much…..nah I like it! the girl’s still gotta have fun)

New and Improved

Remember that revamping, refurbishing and polishing that I spoke about earlier? I’ve decided to move forward using that wonderful company name I took all those months to come up with, and actually try to brand myself.


(and the crowd goes wild…YIPPEE!  HOORAH!  YOU GO GIRL!)

So my NEW blog is named…..(yeh you guessed it) REDBARN STUDIOS.

Y’all know that I love, love, love colour, the saturated the better, and what better way to showcase all that colourful artwork of mine than a deep rich background. All I’m saying is don’t be stunned when you get there, okay?

And just so you know, the water is in deference to my homeland, the Bahamas…we’re surrounded by it’s shimmering beauty.

…check out the new ME here:

Now I must tell you and I’m not ashamed to admit it….I want friends! I want followers! I want you to jump at the chance to find out what I’m up to over at REDBARN STUDIOS, so go change your RSS feeds and sign up to follow me below….

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That leads me to the best part. I’m feeling so good that in celebration of my new blog address I’m doing a special Give-a-Way. The first person to leave a comment and sign up on my “new and improved” blog will receive a half yd of my beautiful hand dyed fabric AND one of my hand-made journal notebooks, a new design not yet published.

{ NOTE: giveaway has ended }

And because I’m in that happy place, the next 4 people to do the same will each receive one of my hand dyed FQ’s. What the hay….let’s celebrate! So……

Welcome to the “new and improved”Me!

….and all this to say “come visit my new blog” you say? Now really! How else would I/me/moi do it????

See ya next time “In the Studio”


Captured Moments 2

November 12, 2009

A few weeks ago I asked my son what he wanted to do on his day off from school. He said “something fun please”. Now the pressure was on…what to do to entertain an 8 yr old????

I decided on a “Picture Day”. and he was all for it. We took our cameras and I drove way into the countryside, pulling over whenever we chose to take pictures of nature, dilapidated buildings, gigantic rocks in from of an abandoned cemetery…anything was fare game.

on-rockon the rocks

barnpicthe artist

red truckcool car huh?

wish we could have gotten closer.

barn pics


Se ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

AQS Quilt Expo, Knoxville, TN

August 7, 2009

I know, I know…long time no hear. I’ve been going, going, going and have now a chance to post.

Quilt Show 3friends09

Just got back from the AQS Expo in Knoxville, tired but enjoyed spending time with two good friends, DeLane and Susan. We walked the show and shopped but found out later that none of us bought much fabric. They did go halves on a needle felting machine tho and can’t wait to experiment with it.

Spent 3 days at home and now on our annual family vacation in the Bahamas, my home country, Toodles everyone. Will post pics of our trip and get back to art soon.


See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

March 16, 2009

And A Good Time Was Had By All

This past weekend I went away on a a long overdue quilt retreat with some ladies from my guild, the Lake Norman Quilters. Joyce of heArts Desire Retreats arranged the whole thing for us.

There were 13 of us (including Joyce) and we had the whole place to ourselves. The facility, located just outside of Boone, sleeps 13 people with with all but 2 having a separate twin bed (2 get to share a double bed in a cozy loft).

Michele and I arrived Friday midday just in time for lunch. We dropped our cases, picked a spot to sew and got right down to business.

Michele started working on her new fairy doll and got most of her finished with clothes except for the embellishments and the panties…who knew fairies wore panties?????

We worked on all sorts of projects from quilts to bags to dolls to paper. Check out some of these pics….

Mary Jo helping Cheryl

Cheryl & Mary Jo


some show 'n tell off camera range

some show 'n tell out of camera range


Jean's newly carved stamps

Jean's newly carved stamps


Liz working on a big 'un

Liz working on a big 'un


There was lots of singing and dancing in between sewing. Here’s Joyce and Jean letting the music take them…..




We laughed and joked and chatted and then some. Because it rained a dribbling cold rain the whole time we were there, we didn’t even venture outside the whole weekend.

Some us us even took a snooze cause we were working so hard at play.



And here are all of us in our parting shot on Sunday…notice the big smiles…..something or other to do with salami???


yeh………good times!



See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

New Artwork/Working in a Series

December 22, 2008


For those of you who might have thought I gave up the goods when it comes to my art quilts…..

…uh uh…

….you would be wrong. I still love to create pieces with my handdyes and batiks fabrics.

Above is my latest piece called “Red Moon“. My daughter saw this and commented…..”you seem to be working in circles lately Mummy”.


A series and I didn’t even realize it! Thanks Ms. Cheney, my darling only daughter.


Here’s another…

…this one is called “Planetary Spin”. It was originally made for the recent SAQA auction but I missed the deadline for submission (naughty girl!).

You be that won’t happen again.

And NOW, the one I can finally show  you that won Judge’s Choice in the “My World in Black and White Revisited” exhibition put on by Fiberarts  Connection of Southern California. This one is called “Mother Love“, with detail shot below (blue border is just to show clearly against blog background).

mother-love-1 motherhood-detail-2

This quilt will be traveling for two years as a special exhibition and one of the venues it will travel to is the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Virginia in February (which is very near where I live…whoopee!) . I hope to get there to see it hang in person. How very ,very cool!

I have a few more circle quilts that I’ve made but don’t yet have pics of them. Soon…soon.

See ya next time “In the Hayloft”,

Best Day Ever

August 21, 2008

I haven’t a thing to post about art….actually that’s not exactly true, it’s just not my art.

So a bit about today. I promised my son a trip to the new art store, Cheap Joes, so he could have a look see. He loves to draw and is working on his 5th sketchbook right now (I think he loves getting new paper like his Mum more though).

When we get to the store he walks around the whole place in awe then gets down to the task of finding the things he really wants me to buy for him. Whilst he’s doing that I stock up on a couple more Lumiere paints and some more pads for carving new designs for stamps (actually have a demo coming up next month that I’m getting ready for).

About 15 minutes later he comes to find me to show me all sorts of things. He NEEDS new Sharpie markers, but not the regular kind…..nooooooo, he’d rather have the retractable ones instead, “pleeeeease Mummy” he pleads. So three of those make it into the basket. He takes me throughout the store like this, dragging meby the hand, a bit like leading a lamb to the wolves cause I know those wolves are eyeing my wallet.

I finally had to put my foot down when he shows me the new markers he also NEEDS, all in shades of grey (huh?) at a whopping $30 for 10. Uh uh….no way hosea! But I convince him that he is happy with his purchases ($45 later) and he walks to the car smiling.

On the way home he starts his regular talking and talking and talking and breaks in to say to me “Mummy that was the best day ever, THANK YOU for my new…..and then he spiels off into the regular talk that permeates our drive home. So much for listening to the radio.

See ya next time, “In the Hayloft”,