Easy Freeform Art Quilts
Not sure where to start in trying to create original art quilts?  In this workshop we’ll explore some of the elements of visual design…line, colour, shape, value…in a series of free form art exercises designed to stimulate your creative right brain.

Creating Person Imagery Through Stamp Carving
It is said that art  is the window to one’s souls.  In this workshop I’ll teach you how to use the tools to carve your own stamps with images that portray your visual thoughts and relate better  to the artwork you produce.

Let’s Have a Dyeing Party!
Come for a day of play, laughter and loads of fun as we take plain white fabric and add luscious colour to it. We’ll dye beautiful gradations of fabrics to share and see what other mischief we can get up to.

Program Chairs: please check my website at for an updated teaching and fee schedule NB: If you are  are a part of a small art group or want to gather up a few  friends, workshops are available for small groups of 4-8 students in my studio. Check my website for more information.


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